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Email Misfits: Face My Wrath!

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Email Misfits: Face My Wrath!

Dear LifeTips Gurus. (deep sigh) It is with deepest concern that I write to you. In the course of a very long day, I receive approximately 100 emails. Many of them are from my LifeTips Gurus, whom I love and adore and try to respond to with the speed and accuracy of a bullet. A bullet with really good hair. But do you know what makes me sad? And angry? Sad and angry? Bad emails. For the love of LifeTips and Masters Strunk and White, do not send me an email that is riddled with spelling errors and bad grammar. No one likes to be judged harshly, but all the same, I am always judging our writers. Our community of writers is one of the strongest and most talented in the writing world. If I receive an email from you regarding "that think that we taked about yesterdy," I will be forced to delete you from our system. Without question. Despite our best efforts not to judge you (your mom told us you were pretty great), editors were born to edit and we just can't help ourselves. It's in our blood. Abuse and neglect of words is not something we take lightly around here. Now don't get me wrong. I am a fair and merciful editor. I'm not looking for the occasional spelling error or overlooked comma. I am as guilty of those mishaps as the next person. But if I so much as catch you sending an email without looking for the squiggly lines under your misspellings, not only will I call your mother, but I will be forced to delete you from the community immediately under the assumption that if you cannot complete a casual email in proper form, you are unable to complete a professional writing assignment in proper form.

Let this be a warnin' to ya, gurus. There are four sheriffs in this town, and none of us take kindly to email abuse.



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