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SEO Basics for Bloggers - You NEED to Know These Tips!

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SEO Basics for Bloggers - You NEED to Know These Tips!

It can get a bit tricky navigating through SEO jargon, but there are a few simple things you can do to optimize the content you are blogging about.

One thing you can do is incorporate logical keywords into your content. If someone needed to find what you wrote about, what would he type into Google? Come up with a handful of relevant keywords and weave them into the text. Resist the urge to cram a ton of keywords into your blog posts, as this could actually be a detriment. Rather, sprinkle them throughout.

Another thing you can do is to add backlinks to previous blog posts you have written. Are you writing about a topic that you touched on in a previous post or took on from a different angle? Link that post into your new post so that readers can read more about that topic.

Search engine crawlers will have a better idea of what you are writing about and this will help you in the rankings.



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