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Writing Better SEO Copy: Don't Be a Stereotype

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Writing Better SEO Copy: Don't Be a Stereotype

SEO copywriting doesn’t have to be boring. Surprised? Whether you are new to SEO copywriting or have only been at it for a few weeks, stuffing all the keywords you can think of into copy multiple times is not an effective way to increase traffic to your site. Using the same keywords sentence after sentence is one way to make visitors and clients run away fast. There is nothing more repulsive than reading robotic-type copy.

Don’t get caught up in the pressure of using keywords. SEO writing is allowed to be creative, and readers actually enjoy it. Divvying up keywords from sentence to sentence makes the copy flow better and still works to optimize search engine use because search engines don’t recognize basic punctuation and line breaks.

Now that you have the knowledge about how to use keywords, there are certain places to put them other than in the copy to maximize their effectiveness. Using them in headlines, link text and navigation links are useful.

One last thing about SEO copywriting is that you don’t want all your hard work working with keywords to go to waste. Sure, you need to write copy that will give you good search engine placement, but if you are not also writing to a group of future potential customers or clients, your copy is lost on deaf ears. The LifeTips SEO site also offers some great tips on being a great SEO copywriter.



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