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What Does the Site Guru Program Entail?

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What Does the Site Guru Program Entail?

We have several hundred sites that need a great guru manager to take them over for the purposes of creating new content on them, editing or deleting existing content and blogging. You can even moderate the comments that appear on your site!

So if you are just dying to tell the world about your expertise in fine wine, your tips for green living or your deep knowledge of auto repair, drop me an email at and I will assign you whichever niche you choose.

We recommend that each site manager post 20 new blogs/tips per month. We will not be editing or monitoring your work. The site is yours to work with.

As a site manager, only YOUR photo and profile will appear on this site, making your work clearly visible to prospective clients.

Only one guru will be assigned to each niche, so email me quickly, first come, first served!

Also, we have set up ad revenue sharing for our site gurus, but this will be dependent on how much traffic goes through your site and how many unique ad clicks there are per month on your site (see:Chitika). This will also not likely help you rake in the millions. You will however, be the master and commander of this site as you moderate comments, edit and delete old tips and create new tips/blog posts (20 per month.)

This is a great way to showcase your knowledge and writing style and while it is not mandatory, it is a great outlet for our gurus who want to be more involved!



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