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Why Bother with Twitter?

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Why Bother with Twitter?

So you still haven't joined Twitter. Maybe your excuse is that you don’t have the time to post Twitter updates or follow others? Maybe you just don't feel like you understand the purpose of Twitter. Twitter can be hard to understand when your friends are busy tweeting about their breakfast or that they are still "looking for that infamous, evasive sock." What is the relevance? "I don't care what they are up to!" But Twitter is far more important and useful. If you take a moment to venture onto other Twitter profiles, you will see that there are plenty of others on the same wave-length. Twitter is a wonderful resource for learning about up to the minute news around town, for finding jobs, for learning more about your industry, etc. You can follow news institutions, industry leaders, fellow bloggers, anyone that you find interesting or relevant to your life. Twitter also works well to complement and cross-link to various other social media tools and networks. If you are Twitter newbie, start by finding people who are Twittering about something that is of interest to you – and we don’t mean the latest celebrity gossip. Start by seeing what we here at ideaLaunch are twittering about. We love to Tweet about articles and sites that we think will help you when it comes to writing and blogging. If you read something we have tweeted about that interests you, go ahead and re-tweet it on your own homepage (RT). Other people who see it, may have something interesting to tweet about themselves. Do the same for any other interesting blogs are articles you find. Tweet about your own blogs. Before you know it, you will have a cross-wire of connections and your traffic will increase!



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