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Selling Yourself on WriterAccess

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Selling Yourself on WriterAccess

A while back, we featured a blog post on selling yourself as a freelance writer. We wrote the post after researching writers for a new project we were working on over at ideaLaunch. We went over a lot, but some of the take-aways were:

  • Avoid any spelling or grammatical errors in your WriterAccess profile! Why oh why would we hire a writer who doesn't proofread her own profile? That's just silly.

  • If you specialize in writing about certain topics, don't be shy! Tell us what you know, and what you enjoy writing about. Specialized knowledge and passion about certain topics are both important qualities in freelance writers.

  • Include your resume in your profile. The more information we have to go on, and the more you demonstrate your proficiency, the more likely you will be tapped for the next writing assignment.



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