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Link in With LinkedIn

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Link in With LinkedIn

It's 10 o'clock. Have you LinkedIn yet? LinkedIn is a great social networking tool, only unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a professional networking site. It is also another place to promote yourself as a freelance writer and connect with past, present and hopefully future employers.

Once you go to the LinkedIn site, it is fairly simple to set up a profile for yourself. Your resume, work history, education, interests and abilities are all part of your profile. You can also link your Twitter account with your LinkedIn account! Of course, you should also upload a photo of yourself to flash that winning smile of yours.

Once your profile is set up, you begin networking. Find people you may have worked with in the past and ask to make a connection. People you have freelanced for before will see you on LinkedIn, and they will leave positive feedback on your profile. You can even request to be "recommended" by current and former coworkers or superiors, and you can recommend others as well. Gradually, your network will grow and other potential employers out there will see that you have the skills and experience they need for their next project. Reviews from other companies will lend credibility to you and your skills.

Like other networking tools, LinkedIn is just yet another way to get your name out there, to market yourself as well as your experience and skills, and generate more work for yourself. What are you waiting for? Link in!



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