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Social Media: It's All Around US

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Social Media: It's All Around US

Where would we be without social media? It seems like it is all we use now to get the job done. After waking up in the morning and posting a new Facebook or Twitter status, we go on to check what others are blogging, tweeting or facebooking about.

Social media has changed the way we communicate. In just one click, we have access to what our friends are doing and where they are. We use them to say hi to an old friend or to make plans for a night on the town. Not only is it a great way to stay in touch with everyone from a college roommate to a family member in another state, but it’s also a great way to form a connection with new people who share the same interests as we do.

It is how we network and do business. Thousands of people use social networking sites to search for employment. Small businesses or entrepreneurs use it to advertise. It allows professionals to collaborate with each other and to seek out and connect with different types of services.

It’s another outlet for information. The way we get our information and our concept of news has changed. We don’t always listen to the radio, pick up the paper or watch the news anymore. We are scrolling through news feeds to see what our friends are saying. On the internet, we are subscribed to RSS feeds and reading blogs that we find interesting. We are following groups on Facebook that we are fans of.

Our use of social media websites has become an everyday thing. Check out different social media sites to see how else they can benefit you.



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